About the Levy Lift

What is a levy lift?

EvergreenHealth Monroe is a public hospital - Snohomish County Public Hospital District #1 - which means it is partially funded by community tax dollars within the district.

A levy lift happens when voters within a district pass a vote allowing a property tax increase to provide financial support to the appealing tax-supported organization.

In summary, approving a levy lift means voters support a property tax increase to provide funding to a community-serving organization within their district, such as a school district, fire district, libraries and healthcare services such as EvergreenHealth Monroe.

What is the current hospital levy rate in Hospital District 1?

If you own a home or property within the hospital district, the current levy rate is 27 cents per $1,000 of assessed home value.

For example, if a homeowner’s property is valued at $400,000, the homeowner currently pays $108 annually toward the hospital levy. 

How much would the hospital levy rate be if the levy lift passes?

If the levy lift passes, the payment rate would change from 27 cents per $1,000 of assessed home value to 47 cents per $1,000 of assessed home value.

Staying with the example of the house valued at $400,000, the homeowner would pay an annual cost of $188 if the levy lift passes.

How much more would I be paying each year if the levy lift passes?

For the homeowner of a $300,000 house, the annual levy payment would increase by $60.

For the homeowner of a $400,000 house, the annual levy payment would increase by $80.

For the homeowner of a $600,000 house, the annual levy payment would increase by $120.

If the levy lift passes, what amount of funds will this grant EvergreenHealth Monroe?

If approved, it's estimated the additional funds would provide approximately $4 million to EvergreenHealth Monroe annually for the next six years to support new and improved services, equipment and technology.

What are the district boundaries?


How can I confirm if my property is within Snohomish Public Hospital District #1, and whether my property taxes help support the community hospital?

All property owners within District #1 contribute taxes that support local qualifying resources, such as EvergreenHealth Monroe. If you are unsure if your property falls within the tax district, visit https://www.snohomishcountywa.gov/2251/Taxes-Assessments and input your address.

What Services, Equipment & Technology Will Levy Funding Support

How will additional funding be spent at EvergreenHealth Monroe if the levy lift is passed?

There are three projects within the scope of the levy lift, including:

  • improved emergency care services featuring a new MRI scanner with compressed sensing, which will be the first of its kind in the Puget Sound, and a new CT scanner
  • a new obstetrics unit which will allow families to deliver babies at EvergreenHealth Monroe
  • a new electronic medical records system to improve patient safety, provider to provider communication, and access to patients’ own records through an easily accessible patient portal

Why is new emergency care equipment and updated technology needed?

EvergreenHealth Monroe cares for an expansive service area for emergency and trauma patients, stretching 61 miles along the busy Highway 2 corridor from Snohomish to Steven’s Pass.

We not only provide care to our residents, but also to visitors and tourists who come to enjoy the outdoor recreation our area offers.

Our responsibility to remain agile in our ability to care for patients at every level of necessity means our trauma and emergency services must continue to evolve to meet the immediate needs of our most vulnerable patients.

EvergreenHealth Monroe will be the first hospital in the Puget Sound to offer MRI technology with compressed sensing. Compressed sensing significantly reduces the time necessary to capture imaging to inform vital care decisions in emergent situations.

A new CT scanner and technology upgrades will also enhance emergency care experiences, and position EvergreenHealth Monroe for Trauma Level III accreditation, providing access to more critical patients who are currently transported to hospitals with higher trauma level certifications.

Trauma care patients regularly bypass EvergreenHealth Monroe, not to receive better quality of care, but rather due to the current trauma center certification.

Purchasing and installing the new equipment, as well as updating the emergency room experience, is expected to cost $3.5 million. Completion is set for 2019.

How will delivering babies at EvergreenHealth Monroe benefit patients and the community?

A community hospital is at the center of the community’s overall health, and our ability to provide fully comprehensive care for patients at every stage of life, beginning at birth, means a healthier future for the families and people we serve.

Welcoming babies at EvergreenHealth Monroe means that mothers can safely deliver within their community, with access to quality OB providers close to home.

The average drive time to the nearest hospital with OB services is currently between 58 and 90 minutes. Welcoming babies at EvergreenHealth Monroe eliminates a significant commute for mothers in labor when every moment matters—helping ensure babies are delivered safely.

Delivering babies close to home also means that mom and baby are near their support system of family and friends during a time when they may be needed most.

Supporting healthy babies born at EvergreenHealth Monroe supports the future health of our thriving community.

With the introduction of a new OB unit, it is projected that EvergreenHealth Monroe would deliver more than 350 babies within the first five years.

EvergreenHealth Monroe used to deliver babies. Why is funding needed to reopen this service?

Welcoming babies to our community is a privilege. Giving birth is a very special time for families, whether it is their first baby or fifth. it is our goal is to offer the best possible care and personalized experience for mom, baby and their whole family.

The last babies were born at EvergreenHealth Monroe (Valley General) in 2011, in delivery suites that needed updating at the time.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for everyone involved in the birthing process—tailoring delivery to the needs and preferences of every mom and baby, using technology to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The following outlines the necessary renovations and investments to accomplish this:

  • Purchase neonatal monitoring equipment
  • Technology updates to accommodate the needs of families who may be spending a significant amount of time in the suite
  • Renovation of rooms, outdoor patio spaces to promote a calming environment, family waiting areas
  • Revamp nurse’s stations, medication rooms and nutrition rooms
  • Welcome quality obstetric physicians and providers, midwives and general support staff

Reopening the obstetrics unit is expected to cost $2 million for upgrades. Project completion could be as early as 2020.

What is an EMR system?

Electronic medical records, or EMR, refer to the digital medical records that are kept within a software system where health care providers store patient health information. 

This can range from simple information, such as a person’s name, age and gender, to very important information - patient medications, diagnosed chronic illness and real-time health history such as the last time a patient received a scan or had a blood test, which is particularly important when providing a timeline and thorough overview to help a provider navigate next steps accordingly with critical inpatients.

How will a new electronic medical records (EMR) integration benefit patients and the community?

A new EMR system will allow our providers and departments to operate using one shared system.

This will significantly enhance provider-to-provider communication and the ability for EvergreenHealth Monroe specialists to view more comprehensive information in patient charts, informing the best possible care decisions, decreasing redundancy and supporting safe patient care.

The new system would also allow patients access to their own patient portal, which includes:

  • Receiving lab results immediately and imaging results within four days
  • Viewing appointment summaries and provider notes
  • Messaging providers between appointments with questions 
  • Scheduling appointments and receiving reminders
  • Reviewing medication lists

If the levy passes, how can I be assured the funds will be allocated appropriately?

Since 1960, we have served the community as a trusted health partner, working to provide the best care possible to the members of the community, where our providers, staff and leaders call home.

Our vested interest in creating a sustainable hospital with high quality care is personal, and we wish to continue to grow with our community to support our families, neighbors and future generations.

Our dedicated leadership team has more than 40 years of experience aimed to strategically accomplish our goals with transparency and accountability.

Do these levy funds stay in our public hospital district or are they shared with EvergreenHealth in Kirkland?

EvergreenHealth Monroe continues to be an independent, separately-governed Public Hospital District with a separately-licensed hospital, and is fully responsible for its own financial performance and operations. 

All levy funds generated by Prop. 1 will remain in our community to fund our community hospital and to serve our residents and visitors to Sky Valley, alike.

What happens if the levy doesn’t pass?

Should the levy not receive more than 50 percent of supporting votes, your community hospital will continue to provide high quality care with the service areas we currently serve and remain dedicated to finding innovative ways to further enhance our ability to serve patients at almost every stage of life.

However, without these funds:

1. Opening an obstetrics unit in Monroe will remain on a strategic priority list for future endeavors

  • Expectant families will continue to seek out-of-district care, and may experience travel times between 30-50 minutes longer while in labor. 
  • Families within our community may continue to face the challenge of distance between their support system of friends and family during the special time of welcoming a new child.
  • Young families considering moving into our community may be deterred by the lack of obstetrics care available at our community hospital.

2. EMR System Integration

  • Unifying our EMR systems will still be on the horizon, but at the timeliness we can support this enhancement to the safety and quality of our patient care.
  • Patients would not have accessible patient portals until additional funding can be obtained to support technology upgrades.

What is the deadline to vote?

Ballots must be signed and mailed by April 23, 2019.

How can I register to vote?

To register to vote or ensure your voting registration information is up to date, visit https://www.snohomishcountywa.gov/1967/Voter-Registration

Who can I contact with questions?

Sherry Jennings
EvergreenHealth Monroe Community Outreach
360.805.6316 | SJennings@evergreenhealthmonroe.com