Virtual Visits

EvergreenHealth Medical Group clinics now offer virtual visits, where you can connect with your provider from the comfort of home using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Virtual visits offer many of the same benefits as an in-person visit; you will be able to both see and talk with your provider, just like an in-person visit.

Your provider has lots of experience with virtual visits and will ensure that your visit goes smoothly – and that you receive the same care and attention you receive during a traditional visit with your provider.

Are virtual visits secure?

Yes. Our virtual visit platform is powered by BlueJeans – one of nation's top providers of cloud-based conferencing. Each virtual visit will have its own unique URL and access code.

How do I prepare for a virtual visit?

Virtual visits are ideal for many different types of appointments; your care team will help determine if a virtual visit is right for you. Please contact your provider's office to get started or if you have additional questions.

When you schedule a virtual visit, you'll receive an email from your provider's office with a link to your meeting and the ID to log in.

If this is your first virtual visit, you can set up the BlueJeans application for your platform: 

Tips to start your virtual visit

Are virtual visits covered by insurance?

Yes – all major payers are covering virtual visits. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact your insurance company directly.

Is it flu or is it COVID-19?

While there are many differences between flu and COVID-19, their symptoms are unfortunately quite similar. To protect you, other patients, and our staff, EvergreenHealth Medical Group primary care practices will not be seeing patients for in-person visits who are experiencing symptoms of the flu.

  • We will offer video virtual visits for any patient with flu or COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If after the virtual visit your provider feels testing is appropriate, an order for a drive-thru test will be placed.
  • Once your provider places the order, you will make an appointment for drive-thru testing and will be tested for both flu and COVID-19.
  • Your primary care office will follow up with you on your results to ensure you get the proper care for your diagnosis whether it be flu or COVID-19. Should you test negative for both, they will likely want to see you in the office to determine the cause for your symptoms.

What our patients say about virtual visits

“My virtual appointment went great! I’d opt to do a virtual visit again; it was so easy!”

“I was scheduled for a ‘new patient’ appointment. Due to COVID-19 my appointment was switched to a virtual appointment. I was surprised how easy the process was and my provider did a great job connecting over the web. I was able to see and hear my provider and have a conversation just like I was in the clinic. Overall I felt the visit was seamless, efficient and a great way to seek healthcare during this time.”