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Planning for Your Surgery

We are pleased that you and your physician have chosen EvergreenHealth Monroe for your surgery needs. Our staff will provide you with the highest quality of care. 

We've compiled a surgery planning calendar to help you prepare for your upcoming procedure.

Several Days Before Surgery

  • To simplify your hospital admission, please call the pre-procedure coordinator at (360) 794-1491 for an appointment to pre-register, receive surgical instructions and to complete any necessary lab work.
  • Be sure to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home after surgery. You cannot drive yourself home, take a taxicab, bus or walk home. A responsible adult should remain with you for 24 hours following surgery.
  • If you are having same day surgery and are remaining overnight in the hospital, you will need to be picked up by a responsible adult within 24 hours of the time that you were admitted to EvergreenHealth Monroe. You will not be allowed to drive yourself home, take a taxicab, bus or walk home.
  • For optimum safety during the 24 hours following surgery, plan to avoid:
    • Driving a motor vehicle
    • Signing important papers
    • Drinking alcoholic beverages
    • Operating complex machinery
  • If you take medications daily, please bring a list of medications, dosages, and how often you take them. Consult the pre-procedure coordinator about taking them on the day of surgery.
  • Stop any herbal supplements, weight loss products (such as Metabolife, etc.) at least two weeks prior to surgery.

The Day Before Surgery

  • Eating and drinking before surgery:
    • Do not eat any food after midnight the night before surgery.
    • Do not drink any fluids after midnight the night before surgery.
    • Necessary medications may be taken with a sip of water the morning of surgery.
    • Do not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke within 24 hours prior to surgery
  • If you are scheduled for an afternoon procedure, consult with your pre- procedure coordinator about fluid restrictions.
  • Shower with the antibacterial liquid soap given to you by the pre-procedure coordinator, the night before surgery and the morning of surgery. Use this antibacterial soap as you would your regular soap and apply from the neck down. Do not use it on your face or in your hair. Rinse well after each use. DO NOT apply deodorant or lotion after showering, and no hairspray or styling products.
  • DO NOT SHAVE the surgical site. Any necessary clipping/shaving must be performed immediately prior to the procedure.
  • If you are having surgery that involves your feet or legs, you may need crutches or a walker. You may rent these from any pharmacy of your choice for a nominal fee. You do not need to bring them with you on your admittance to surgery. However, you will need them for use from the car to your residence after surgery.
  • We will provide prescriptions for discharge medications, most of which we call into the pharmacy of your choice. If your insurance requires a co-pay, please plan for this in advance.

The Day of Surgery

  • On the day of your surgery, select comfortable clothing to wear that is easy to put on and take off. Children may come in their own pajamas. You may bring their favorite toy or blanket for security, and bottle or cup.
  • Please check in at the Admitting Desk off the Main Lobby at your scheduled time. Occasionally, an earlier surgery may be cancelled or emergencies added which may affect your time. Be sure to be available or leave a phone number with Ambulatory Care Unit staff where you can be reached so that we can minimize any inconvenience to you.
  • Please be sure to bring your insurance information and picture ID with you.
  • Due to space limitations, we request that no more than two visitors accompany you.
  • Please wear hearing aide(s), glasses and any removable teeth. Do not wear contact lenses or makeup (particularly mascara). Nail polish is optional.
  • If you use an inhaler, please bring it with you. Do not bring other medications unless instructed to do so.
  • A birth parent or legal guardian must be on the hospital premises for all children under 18 and at all times during and after surgery.
  • If you are staying overnight at the hospital, bring your own toiletries, such as a comb, brush, toothbrush, etc.
  • If you use a C-Pap machine for sleep apnea and are staying overnight, please being your machine with you.
  • Leave your valuables, jewelry and body piercing(s) at home, including wedding bands.
  • If these instructions are not followed, or if your physical condition changes, your surgery may be cancelled.

Other Important Information

If you are scheduled for a 23 hour stay, you will need to make arrangements to be picked up within 24 hours of your arrival. Example: Arrive at 7 a.m. for surgery on Friday and be discharged before 7 a.m. on Saturday.