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Wound Care Patient Stories

Little known therapy is saving limbs and healing wounds

Steve Mataya was told he would lose his foot. Then he discovered hyperbaric oxygen therapy at EvergreenHealth Monroe.

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Innovation meets convenience at Monroe’s Wound Healing and Hyperbarics Center

Tim Weaver came through the doors of the EvergreenHealth Monroe Emergency Department with an infection on his shin that was not getting better with antibiotics that had been prescribed to him by his family medicine physician.

The infection was so severe that he was admitted to the hospital to be seen by Dr. Jonathan Borjeson, a general surgeon and medical director of the Wound Healing Center.

“It was clear that Tim needed surgery to remove the infection from his leg,” Dr. Borjeson says. "It wasn’t until Tim was in the OR that we discovered he had necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease). Tim was very lucky, because many who contract this infection lose limbs and in the most severe cases, die."

A large section of Tim’s shin and underlying tissue had to be removed – but the good news is that Tim’s leg and foot were saved and today Tim is 100% completely healed.

Dr. Borjeson and the staff at the Wound Healing Center provided Tim with state-of-the-art therapies and treatment.

Part of the success of Tim’s story is that he was able to come to the hospital for multiple hyperbaric treatments.

“Tim’s outcome was so successful,” states Dr. Borjeson, “Part of the reason why is because of the hyperbaric treatments.”

The mortality rate with necrotizing fasciitis ranges from 33 to 75% without hyperbaric oxygen, and is improved to an average of 20% with it.

Tim came to EvergreenHealth Monroe five times a week, for multiple weeks for treatment. Imagine if he had to drive to the next closest hospital in Edmonds or Seattle?

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