Governance and Leadership

Board of Commissioners

Snohomish Public Hospital District No. 1 (SCPHD#1) is governed by a publicly-elected Board of Commissioners. The Board has ultimate responsibility and accountability for the health needs of SCPHD#1, which is operated on behalf of the district's constituents. The Board provides the statutory oversight to help SCPHD#1 assure the community's access to high quality medical care and related services along with many other responsibilities as provided by law. Learn more about the Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners meets monthly, and meetings are open to the public. test

Alliance Governance Board

The day-to-day operation of EvergreenHealth Monroe is governed by an Alliance Governance Board (AGB), which is made up of two Commissioners from Snohomish County Public Hospital District #1, two Board members from EvergreenHealth and the CEO of EvergreenHealth.  Learn more about the Alliance Governance Board

The AGB meets monthly, and meetings are open to the public. Learn more about the Alliance Governance Board


Leadership for EvergreenHealth Monroe is provided by the executive team and the medical executive team. They serve to advance the mission of the organization. 

2015 Annual Report

Image of the cover of the EvergreenHealth Monroe annual report.