The Healing Garden at EvergreenHealth Monroe

Image of the Healing Garden at EvergreenHealth Monroe, WA.

Gardens are good for the body, mind and spirit.

The belief that gardens are beneficial for patients in healthcare environments is more than 1,000 years old.

Research has proven the therapeutic benefits of healing gardens; viewing nature fosters stress recovery by evoking positive feelings, reducing negative emotions and blocking or reducing stressful thoughts.

Studies show surgical patients with views of nature had shorter post-operative stays, took less pain medication and experienced fewer post-operative complications.

Image of the Healing Garden at EvergreenHealth Monroe, WA.

Our Healing Garden

At EvergreenHealth Monroe, the Healing Garden is placed in the center of the hospital.

If you’re walking through the main campus hall or are a patient recovering in the medical surgical unit, you can gaze on the lush green garden filled with Japanese maples, camellia, roses, hardy geraniums and astilbe.

As a community hospital, it’s our mission to create the best healing environment possible, and the healing garden provides an environment that enhances the patient experience while promoting healing and comfort.

Our Project

The Healing Garden was last renovated in 2005, more than 13 year ago. A new garden design is needed, with many of the current plants needing to be removed and trees needing an arborist’s care.

It is our plan to work alongside the greater Sky Valley community to redevelop and rejuvenate the Healing Garden in the Spring of 2019.

Image of people working on the Healing Garden at EvergreenHealth Monroe, WA.Our Garden Volunteers

Through 2018 and 2019, a group of committed volunteer experts have agreed to reestablish and renovate the Healing Garden at EvergreenHealth Monroe. 

Some of the volunteers were even involved in the initial placement of the garden in 2005. EvergreenHealth Monroe is grateful for the time, talent and donations from these dedicated individuals.

If you'd like to donate to the Healing Garden project, visit the Foundation website at 

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