The many imaging services offered at EvergreenHealth Monroe are state of the art services that a patient would receive at any other health care facility in or around the Seattle area. One of the benefits of having a service performed at EvergreenHealth Monroe is the convenience of receiving care close to home. You will also never experience the wait time for an appointment, like you would at larger facilities closer to Seattle.

Radiologists (interpret, consult and supervise procedures) and radiology, MRI, CT and Nuclear Medicine technologists, sonographers and mammographers (perform imaging services) all work together to provide a full range of imaging services at EvergreenHealth Monroe. The certified radiologists work closely with the patient’s primary care physician and/or surgeon to perform interventional radiology procedures.

The highly skilled staff offer excellent patient care in a more friendly and community based environment. Visit our new outpatient imaging center at the Sky River Medical Center office building on the campus of EvergreenHealth Monroe. Patients also have easy and ready access to their records at EvergreenHealth Monroe.

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