A Healthier Community is Born Here

A Healthier Community is Born Here initiative stems from our hospital’s dedication to serve our community’s families as comprehensively as possible, through all stages of life, by offering high quality care using state-of-the-art technology, right here in your neighborhood. 

About the Levy Lift

EvergreenHealth Monroe is seeking community support to pass a levy lift in April 2019 to provide about $4 million dollars in tax funding, which would go into effect in 2020.

If approved, community support through levy lift funding will be distributed to three major projects to address the health care needs of our community.

1. Emergency services upgrades with state-of-the-art equipment to support future accreditation for a heightened Level III Trauma Center certification (up from Level IV) as the only emergency center serving the Skykomish Valley.

  • New CT scanner  (CAT scans combine x-rays from different angles of the body to provide doctors with more detailed images to make the best-informed care decisions.)
  • New MRI scanner  (Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create images with important details to help guide diagnosis and treatment in a patient's chest, abdomen and pelvis.) The new MRI equipment offers compressed sense technology – the first machine of its kind in the Puget Sound  which reduces scan times and eases stress for claustrophobic patients.
  • Additional on-call general surgeons to support increased Emergency Room traffic.

2. Reinstate an obstetrics unit for level 1 low-risk pregnancy patients at EvergreenHealth Monroe, project completion by 2021.

Infrastructure and technology needs to open an Obstetrics unit include:

  • Purchase of updated equipment to care for mothers and babies
  • Purchase neonatal monitoring equipment
  • Addition of technology touchpoints for patient experience
  • Renovation of patient labor rooms, family waiting are and outdoor patio spaces
  • Revamp nurse’s stations, medication and nutrition rooms

Additional staffing/employment opportunities:

  • OB/GYN Physician and Program Leader
  • Nursing
  • General staff support

3. Transition EvergreenHealth Monroe electronic medical record (EMR) systems to Cerner and establish an accessible patient portal. Project beginning in 2019 with viable completion by end of 2020.

Integrating seven disparate EMR systems and processes to one integrated interface for enhanced patient safety and provider-to-provider communication.

This will also allow patients access to their medical record via patient portal from anywhere. This is a critical tool for all patients in becoming proactive in managing their health care, which is particularly important for patients managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes.

The deadline to vote is April 23, 2019.

For more Information

To learn more about each of these projects, the important benefits to our community and what this means to tax payers in our district, visit our FAQ’s.

image of Renee Jensen, chief administrative officer at EvergreenHealth Monroe, WA.A Note from Renee Jensen

Chief Administrative Officer
EvergreenHealth Monroe 

EvergreenHealth Monroe continues to develop alongside our community, offering high quality care to patients and families right in their own neighborhood.

A Healthier Community is Born Here initiative will further our hospital’s dedication to continue to provide high quality care where our patients live, work and thrive, and to serve our community’s families as comprehensively as possible.

Together, we’ve made significant strides at your community hospital to serve your family and neighbors with the services and care that they need.

Now, our focus is on renewing our commitment to being a place where good health is born, literally, as we seek to deliver babies once again in a dedicated OB maternity unit at EvergreenHealth Monroe with support from the community in the form of a levy lift.

In addition to service expansion for expecting families, A Healthier Community Is Born Here levy lift initiative encompasses a new electronic medical record (EMR) system.

This new system will allow our providers and patients to access health records through one comprehensive interface.

This improves patient safety, quality of care and experience by providing patients with access to their own health record portal and enhancing collaboration between providers.

Lastly, the community’s support of a levy lift will enable EvergreenHealth Monroe to offer enhanced emergency services as the first hospital in the Puget Sound to offer compressed sensing MRI.

A new CT scanner and other new emergency care equipment will further position the hospital to provide even better care for trauma patients as the only emergency department serving the greater Sky Valley.

EvergreenHealth Monroe seeks to be your comprehensive community-based model of hospital care—to celebrate the welcoming of new life here and support the health care needs of our residents through all stage of life from birth and beyond.

This levy lift furthers our vision to do so.

We invite you to learn more about this important community initiative and welcome your questions.