Medical Records

To request a copy of your medical records, download and complete the authorization form.


Who do my medical records belong to?

Your medical record is the property of EvergreenHealth Monroe and is kept by the hospital for patient care purposes. Although these records are maintained for your benefit, the physical records (paper or electronic) are the property of the hospital.

Who may request medical records?

You may request copies of your own medical records, the medical records of a minor child, or the medical records of someone for whom you are the legal guardian or hold a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. Proof of legal guardianship or a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare must be provided.

A Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare is only effective in the event a patient is unable to act on their own behalf and that has been determined by a physician.

A spouse or child of a deceased patient can request the medical records of the deceased if he/she is the executor or administrator of the deceased patient's estate. Probate Court documents naming the requestor as the executor or administrator must be provided.

Where there is no estate or an estate will not be probated, Probate Court documents releasing the estate from probate and naming the requestor as the personal representative must be provided.

How can I obtain a copy of my medical record?

Simply follow these steps:

  • Download the Authorization to Release Healthcare Information form.
  • Complete the authorization form (must be a patient or patient’s guardian/legal representative) and mail, fax, or hand deliver to:

EvergreenHealth Monroe
Health Information Department
14701 179th Ave. S.E.
Monroe, WA 98272

Once your records are processed, you may pick them up in person at the location above or they can be mailed to your home address. If you pick up your records in person, you will be required to present photo identification.

What are the fees charged for obtaining a copy of my medical record?

  • I need my medical records sent to a healthcare provider: Pertinent medical record information is provided to your physician at no charge for continuum of care. You will need to either complete a written authorization or have your provider send us a request directly.
  • I need to have my medical records sent to Social Security: There is no charge for providing your records to Social Security Administration for disability claims. You will need to complete a written authorization form and provide the social security disability claims letter from Social Security Administration indicating you are applying for Social Security Benefits.
  • I need to obtain a copy of my medical records for personal use: EvergreenHealth Monroe utilizes a copy service for most requests. The copy service may charge fees based on the amount of records processed and the method of delivery.

How are these fees for obtaining medical records determined?

Fees for requests are determined by the amount of records that must be processed and the method of delivery.

Fees are regulated by Washington Administrative Code 246-08-400.

Will my medical record contain Radiology images?

Your record will only contain the radiology report. The actual radiology images are not part of your medical record. You will need to contact EvergreenHealth Monroe Imaging department at 360.794.1409 for images.

Can you provide me with billing statements from my hospital visit?

Billing statements are not part of the medical record, however, we can obtain them at your request or you may contact the Patient Financial Services Department directly at 360.794.1495.

Why am I unable to receive fax copies of my records at my home or office?

To protect our patient’s privacy, we do not fax or email medical records to patients.

How soon can I expect the release of my medical record?

Washington state law requires that medical records be released within 14 days of the request. However, we typically are able to honor all requests within a week or so. Requests for older records may take longer, as all records 3 years or older are kept in a secure off-site storage facility. 

How long do you keep a medical record?

Washington State law requires that hospitals keep a patient’s medical record for up to 10 years following their most recent discharge. Hospitals must keep the medical records of minors until the minor reaches the age of 21, or for at least 10 years following the minor’s discharge, whichever is longer.

Can I just look at my record?

Yes. However, a hospital employee must be present while you are reviewing your records; so we ask that you call ahead of time to schedule an appointment. To view your medical records:

  1. Contact the Medical Records Department at 360.794.1447 ext. 1288 to schedule an appointment to view your records.
  2. Complete a valid authorization for release of information.
  3. Provide photo identification upon arrival.

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